Market Development

Process Improvement Solutions can be your strategic advisor in positioning your business for long term growth because we tie your finance and operations management to your business strategy in a way that creates real competitive advantage. We provide fact-based, independent analysis and bring fresh perspectives to the process. Whether working on a short-term project or providing long-term outsourcing, we tailor our level of service to meet your needs. Some specific services we offer include:

Market and Business Development

Process Improvement Solutions can identify your current profitable products and customers and develop strategies for reaching more of them. Whether by expanding into promising new markets or industries, or by improving your existing sales channels, we can accelerate your business development practices and diversify your customer base to create sustainable growth for your manufacturing business. We use tools and practices such as:
  • Market research & evaluation
  • Competitive research
  • Business analysis
  • Product development & marketing
  • Marketing & Sales channel alignment
  • Strategic Marketing and Planning

      The marketing planning process used by Process Improvement Solutions is designed to answer or clarify some of the most essential questions for a company: Who are our potential customers? How are we going to reach them? What attributes/features will our products have? What price should we charge the target market? and more.

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